When remote working becomes the new normal...

These 11 vetted, most-loved tools make the most tech-averse amongst us feel like savvy pros. Your clients and colleagues will be SO impressed!

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Keep Teams Working, Even With Different Schedules

Are you losing precious time waiting for responses? Digging up old email threads for that elusive link?
You'll find tools that make you feel like you're all in the same office, even when you're not.

Track Down Hard-to-Reach People

What if a simple tool could find you the email addresses of anyone you're looking for, and then you could track your emails and see if and when they were read?
You'll find those FREE tools on the list.

Meet Virtually, #beyondzoom

Ever wished for a meeting tool that calls the participants FOR you, so you don't wait in Zoom for no-shows? Or one that offers LIVE support (Zoom support is via email)?
Find these great FREE and low-cost tools on the list.

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A FREE list, of 11 FREE, almost free, or totally-worth-it apps that'll save you hours of frustration! All vetted and voted 'most-loved' by technophobe workers. Links right in the list.

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Who vetted this list, anyway?

Like many freelancers, I quickly realized that if I wanted my hard work to be valued, quality wasn't enough. I'd better create a professional image.

Thing is, I'm a self-certified technophobe. so I found myself resisting learning anything new. But I forged on. 

I tried all kinds of tools to create smooth processes, converse easily with clients in real-time, and work productively even though the fridge and laundry room are both 10 steps away from my desk.

Over time, I found myself answering tech-tool questions on every group I'm on. It wasn't just me. EVERYONE was confused by the thousands of apps out there. EVERYONE begged, "Just tell me what works!" And EVERYONE hated loading up on monthly subscriptions.

So, here's the communication portion of my list, FREE. 

Hope you love it!

aka, the Owl at Owl Copy

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