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Whether you always work solo, or only when killer viruses invade the planet, you’ll find this Master Vetted Tool List invaluable. 

Use these pro tools to:

  • set up a quick site
  • cut the pesky tasks you dread
  • amp up your professional image

..and do so much more, just when you need it. ​


All tools on the list are intuitive and free (or nearly free!)

Yes! I want to save years of trial-and-error!

Are you...

confused about which digital tools are best for the tasks you need?
(Lemme ask my group..hey, I got 20 contradictory answers! )

envious of with-it entrepreneurs who make you look like a peddler in comparison?
(Don’t you have to be a programmer to set up a sales page like that? FYI: not anymore)

excited about the ease of apps but hate costly subscription fees?
(Another credit card statement that I don't even wanna see.)

Get this:

There are 2.87 million apps in this world.

Of course you’re overwhelmed!

The truth?

Only a select few are truly worthwhile.

But it’s so hard to identify those few gems.

So you continue whatever clumsy workaround you were using till now.

(like open, download, print, sign, scan, save, send--> which the right tool can do in seconds, btw)

Because tools sound cool, but you don’t have TIME to experiment.

And you hate those sneaky free trials that end in a whopping credit card balance.

Besides, you get this weird feeling when you’re asked to trust them with access to your data. 

So, you watch enviously as kids whose graduation caps are still airborne get a business off the ground and rake it in.

If this is how you feel, you'll find this list very helpful!

The Master Vetted Tool List shows you the few best options for each task, and explains the ins and outs of each. 

In seconds, you will

  • Figure out if you’re overpaying your payment processor
  • Get your Zoom meeting transcribed for FREE- in real time
  • Create mock-ups using free and easy tools, icons and photos, even if you’re not a designer
  • Unearth information online that you never find with a regular Google search
  • Slap together reusable, professional contracts and proposals
  • Get smarter alternatives to GoDaddy and Mailchimp (and find out why they are better!)
  • Track the time you spent on real work and on distractions to increase your productivity

And that’s just the tip of the awesomeness!

People get pretty excited about this list!

A godsend that will save any creative years worth of frustrating trial and error... Thank you!

What an incredibly valuable collection  of resources! I love the clear explanation of each options' merits, costs and uses. I found some gems right away that will already save me precious time every day. This list is a godsend and will save any creative years worth of frustrating trial and error in the search for the best software. Thank you!

Yoel Judowitz

StoryTribe Media

Jam-packed with goodies!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

This list is jam-packed with goodies! The formatting is beautiful and you break it down very clearly!

Toby Goldstein

Bitesize Workshops

For anyone who would like to run their business in a more professional and profitable way

I am blown away by the sheer amount of tools and the notes on each. As someone who is always on the lookout for new apps that can streamline the way my business runs, I see tools on this list that I have never even heard of, and quickly checked them out. I highly recommend this resource to anyone who would like to run their business in a more professional and profitable way.

Malkie Scholnik

Director, The Bold Edge

It's the ONLY tool list you’ll find that has

  • Insider comments about the tools (what’s to love, what’s annoying, what you should know)
  • Tips on how to get the lowest prices on the few tools that aren’t free
  • Icons starring the winner-of-the-winners!

In short, the REAL info that only REAL friends will share.

And speaking of friends- that’s how this list was born.

As a copywriter running my biz from my Brooklyn basement for years, I first resisted any new tech, because “I hate trying new things”. 

I was exchanging 13 emails to schedule a single meeting, typing out invoices in Word, and spent my family’s entire vacation budget on a web designer. I was frustrated. And embarrassed. My lack of savviness was keeping my business stuck.

Slowly, I started exploring more efficient solutions, keeping careful notes along the way. Soon I was able to help others who had the exact same questions. And they started begging for my master list. Of course, that inspired a full-blown obsession, and hours spent comparing apps and digging through thousands of reviews.

Finally, I compiled my knowledge into one neat document, with handy links and all the little tips only friends share.


Because, hey, everyone can use a break!

Nechy, aka the Owl

So, what kind of tools are we talkin’ about?

Check it out:

 8 integral categories, covering basic business set-up and super-useful extras!

Aaaand... it's all yours

for just $37




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You’ll be happy you went for it, guaranteed!

Within 5 minutes of glancing through this list, you will find a way to make that $37 back plus more. If you don’t, shoot us an email, and we’ll refund your payment, no problemo!

That's our Happy-App Guarantee!

Spring 2020 Offer:
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Yes, there are more fab tools where these came from!

The next update will include helpful new categories for growing businesses past the early stages + updates to the existing recommendations.

(Because things always change, and you’ll want to KNOW.)


Don't be stuck one day trying to remember, "Who was offering that amazing vetted tool list?"

Grab it before you forget!

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