95% of people won’t hire you on their first visit to your site.*

The money is in the follow up.

Would you like a free, custom email strategy that will get your leads excited to hear from you?

People reach out, check out my site, read my content, and then take days, weeks or months to decide to go ahead.

 And then, arghh!

They can just as easily stumble on my competitor first.

david pepper, gardens by david landscaping

Every lead you generate costs you blood, sweat and hairs

You publish content and videos, network at events, spend too much time on IG and LI, and maybe too much good money on PPC campaigns.

And they click on your site, you know it, because Google Analytics tracks them. 

But then they x-out, neatly bypassing the contact form and ‘sign up for our newsletter’ button.

It’s over before it begins.

You never get to --

  • 1
    Hear what prospects REALLY need
  • 2
    Show them how well you can do the job
  • 3
    Move them past their hesitations

There is a way to stay top-of-mind— and engage those leads!

Even if your site is a bit outdated, and a revamp isn’t happening.

Your Free, Fresh-For-You Email Strategy 

Keeps your leads warm until they're hot enough to hire you

Positions your business as the ask-us-anything authority

Gives you the opportunity to mass-pitch if you have a dry spell

”I knew I should be using email marketing. But without a strategy there was no point in starting. Your idea to keep investors in the loop was so perfect, and doable. They’re showing interest in future projects now.”


3-5 min video created for you, delivered in 48 hours

With your custom email strategy, you can FINALLY

Send value-packed emails that prospects WANT to open -- and save!

Talk about your service without triggering a flood of unsubscribes

    Nurture them towards the sale without feeling one bit sleazy

We only earn money when we’re physically working. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to take a break without calculating how much I’m losing.

    ~the hardest-working people around

Do you ever have this thought?

It's not just you. 

Service providers are always limited by time and manpower, even if they hire extra staff. Your eager list is your biggest asset.

Once you have an engaged list, you can brainstorm creative offers that have a higher ROI.

Add Content Block

Which new revenue stream can work for YOUR business?

If you know a lot about any topic:
Offer a DIY mini-course or webinar to the people who wonder how you do it.

Earn affiliate commission:

Tell your list about software, products or services they’d love to know about.
 (with full disclosure, of course).

If you have fans:
Rent a beach house on Airbnb and invite your fans for a weekend summit or mastermind.

Kickstart your email marketing today, it's FREE! 

3-5 min video created for you, delivered in 48 hours

So you want to know who I am.

And if I have a money tree in my backyard because, apparently, I work for free.

Hi! I'm Nechy Sampson

And this is going to be embarrassing. But I'll tell you anyway.


Here I was, conversion copywriter with a successful business and a beautiful custom website, and ...no lead magnet, no email list, no way of knowing who was considering hiring me. 

Finally, after hearing one too many podcaster drawl, “Your list is ev-er-y-thing,” I did it.

Opened a Mailerlite account, popped a lead magnet on, and wrote a warm welcome sequence. I found it fascinating to watch the metrics. How many times it popped up, who downloaded my freebie, and the variety of countries they came from. 

And when I decided to sell my top tools list, I had an eager list waiting for it!

I realized that it was ludicrous that I was helping service providers launch high-converting websites, with no system in place to follow up with visitors. It was like renovating a brick-and-mortar store, then tying and blindfolding the owner in the backroom!

So I added it to my offerings. Busy service businesses are thrilled to accept my full package of lead capture, welcome and sales sequences, fully implemented in their email service provider. 

But if you’d rather DIY it, I’m with you. I paved my backyard with my bare hands  (sans money tree) , so I’d say, 'go for it!’ And I’ll think up a FREE email strategy for you as an adrenaline boost!

Surprised at the offer?

Don’t be. It’s FUN for me.

 And I’m happy to do it for you!


A couple of pretty happy clients

We were taking out all these expensive ads to fill up our getaway condos. Thanks for showing us how to shift our campaign to email. Our first email got a 61% open rate, and several condos booked!

Proprietary Client

We send so many emails prior to our trade show, most of our 11,000 subscribers ignore them. But your idea for a series with the messaging in the subject lines helped increase our attendance by a full 20%!

Ratzi Graus
CMO, OJBA Trade Shows

    *Peep Laja, CEO of Conversion XL, January 2020

So, ready to entice your leads to open your emails?

3-5 min video created for you, delivered in 48 hours



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